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lawn care services

lawn care services

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A modern company committed to delivering high-quality services and providing professional landscaping maintenance in our Singapore Garden City. With the latest idea and our highly trained, experienced staff, we are determined that we can provide the perfect solution and cost-saving for your long-term garden maintenance service. When it started, my father was working under my relative company, slowly gaining lots of experience and then decided to take another challenge by opening his own business.
What is the story behind it, such an incredible story. My dad does not have enough money to hire more workers. So my mum had to come out and help my dad with sunshine or rain, no complaint for her. But still not enough; in the end, my dad had to drive a taxi at midnight to sustain the company. My parent even goes house by house, giving name cards or lawn care services, asking if they need garden service until the customer is satisfied with the work and can leave.
lawn care services singapore

Some of the success when starting the business was with a humble beginning with zero workers and only five client houses. But slowly, all the hard work paid off. Now with more than ten employees and all types of businesses and property such as landed houses, condo premises, private houses and factories dormitory too, with just a few projects in hand and now with countless projects and project work costs of about 10k.

More recently, Covid 19 workforce disturbance gave us some headaches due to lack of experience in the field. It was also challenging on our current project roadmap, and the customer could not make payment before everyone was facing funding problems. Some of our relatives help us with our pandemic aftermath because our losses can only sustain for a few months, or the company must close. But in the end, we succeed and get stronger than ever. 

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