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sg gardening services


Residential Lawn Care with professional services

Our team of experienced commercial landscapers can help you plan and install attractive landscapes within your budget to increase your area’s foot traffic and boost the area’s popularity. We can tailor to each commercial landscape’s needs and provide monthly or seasonal maintenance services for additional landscape services such as weeding, mowing, trimming, pruning and plant replacement. With can provide additional elements for the garden areas or water features. Completing the commercial landscape’s maximum aesthetic value can also be recommended. Our comprehensive suite of services and affordable packages can help provide long-term maintenance & sg gardening services.

Lawn Care

Grass cutting is an essential part of landscaping, and grass cutting helps to maintain healthy grass and prevent unhealthy patches from forming. Grass-cutting tools are used to cut grass by shearing and cutting off the plant’s leaves, stems, or roots.


Weed removal is essential for the aesthetics of your garden and the health of your plants. Besides making your hard work feel neglected, weeds can steal nutrients and sunlight from the plants you want to thrive.
sg gardening services

Applying fertiliser

Home gardeners can use fertilizer and pesticides to their advantage, but they must apply them correctly. If you misuse these substances, you may well harm your plants and ecosystem.


Our tree-trimming service in Singapore is the best in our industry. We can guarantee that we follow all the best practices. Quek Landscaping believes that experienced, specially-trained specialists are the backbone of excellent landscaping services.
sg gardening services


We provide planting services that work. Our designers and gardeners can customize planting services based on your budget, style, and situation. Our services include planting bulbs, trees, flowers, fences, and fence posts.


Our irrigation services ensure the success of your grounds. Your commercial and home property, sports field, school grounds, and more will look as attractive as possible with the right irrigation system & services.

sg gardening services

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